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Our futuristic approach to candle making goes beyond crafting bespoke candles.
In addition to incorporating wellness-boosting essential oils into each of our
products, our responsible sourcing and production practices aim to protect the
health of the planet and its inhabitants.


Our wicks are made from 100% lead-free cotton. Our essential oils are responsibly
sourced. And our soy wax blend is biodegradable. The paper that wraps each
recycled, reusable (and recyclable) tin vessel is handmade in Nepal from naturally
renewing mulberry tree bark. All shipping materials are manufactured from post-
consumer waste.


Master artisans hand pour each Lumé Luxe candle using techniques perfected
over 40 years. Master perfumers trained in France and located around the globe
combine legacy practices with modern knowledge to blend our exclusive
fragrances. Local craftspeople in Nepal employ traditional techniques to
handmake the paper that adorns each candle tin.


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